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I actually can't beleive that i haven't reviewed this place yet - truly a wicked little foodie shop tucked away in Kanata.

It's a nice, little clean shop that has great fresh pastry's and a coffee bar, truly one of the best cheese shops in otttawa.  The back of the store features are large bank of coolers and freezers - lots of Gluten free items and a number of precooked gotta try the mac and cheese - it's cha ching, but omg, it's good.

The appliance and cookery section is fantastic with all the latest toys including Sous Vide Supreme's and the Molecule R lineup.

This place is should be on every foodie list for getting their supplies.




This place is awesome! I have never been in before, although my husband was in over the holidays (lucky me was the recipient!)

What an awesome shop! And HUGE!! They have everything an upscale kitchen could need - from the tools to the groceries, including (but not limited to) spices - right down the pepper and salt mills, cheeses, chips, dishes, pots and pans, and top end coffee makers. 

I will definitely be back to try out the coffe shop in the corner. You need the rest that refrehes (coffee) after a stroll through this shop. What was I waiting for??

They had some very good sales - leftovers from Christmas. I picked up a mug for myself (which had the design of a scarf and mittens. What can I say? I'm a knitter!) and one of those stoneware cookie molds which came with a recipe. This was on sale at a good price; I've seen it at double that elsewhere in the city. Did you know that there's a difference in the mechanisms of a pepper and salt mills? Apparently the salt can rust and corrode a pepper mill, and the pepper is too hard for a salt mill. Whodathunk?!

I actually went in looking for coffee pots. The ones we have at work have been seriously used and abused. I'm also feeling the need for an espresso or latté machine, and was hoping I might find one of those nifty combo things here. Turns out that the design I'm thinking of is a bit passé. Too bad for me! However, the good coffee makers they have here are too good for work (read: expensive), and could almost be professional, like for coffee shops. So, I will have to keep shopping.

Yum. I've just gotta say this place was very inspiring!!



Grace In The Kitchen, everyone refers to this store as the ultimate kitchen store in Ottawa, and people are 100% right. Whenever you walk in there you need to make sure you are ready to spend some serious coin, you just cannot resist the temptation, honestly it's just not possible to walk in and not come out with a few dozen items. 

However, I go to Grace In The Kitchen as often as I can, not for the gadgets or the food items. 

I go for the coffee, yup! Kanata's best kept secret, the coffee bar. They have a serious coffee machine, top of the line and it delivers an absolutely amazing espresso or just about any coffee they pull from the machine. 

Not to mention that they use one of the top brands of coffee on the market by Intelligentsia. Both the owners and the staff serving you the coffee are well informed baristas. If they pull a coffee and they don't like how it looks, they through it away and pull another, unlike a lot of coffee places that just pull the coffee and slap it on the counter for you to drink, good or bad. That to me is how a coffee should be served.

My favourite of the house is their Cubano, not a coffee blend but a coffee process. They add one scoop of coffee, mix a small amount of sugar and then add the next scoop of coffee. Then they pull the coffee and WOW what an amazing coffee.

The staff at Grace In The Kitchen take their time to explain why the do what they do and for a coffee snob like me, it s nice to see someone behind the counter who is well informed and takes their coffee seriously.


Alejandro S.


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